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September 2007 Forum PDF Version

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September 2007 PDF Version. From the Field: Why So Much Avandia in the First Place? The Ethics of Quality Improvement. This Month in JGIM: Life Chaos - Impacts on Health and Health Care Utilization. President's Column: "The Vision Thing" - Leadership and SGIM. From the Society: Council Retreat Report, Summer 2007. Abstractions: From Somalia to SGIM - A Path Less Traveled! Ask the Expert: Ethics at the NIH - An Interview with Marion Danis. Between Us: That Lurking Shadow in the Distance - Is It...the IRB? Funding Corner: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Program for Substance Abuse Policy Research. In Training: An Investment That's Worth the Risk. From the Regions: Opportunity from Tragedy - Patient-centered Medical Homes in Post-Katrina New Orleans.