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October 2007 Forum PDF Version

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October 2007 PDF Version. Special Theme Issue: Education In General Internal Medicine. Exploring New Frontiers: Lessons In General Internal Medicine. Human Medicine: Patient as Teacher. President's Column: The Highest Form of Teaching. From the Society: Internal Medicine Residency Redesign—SGIM Responds to AAIM Recommendations on Continuity Care Training. Innovations In Medical Education: Building Community in the Movement to Improve the Hidden Curriculum. ACGIM: Success As An Educator. From the Regions: Harnessing Technology to Build Regional Collaboration - The Southern Medical Education Research Forum (SMERF). VA Research Briefs: Internal Medicine Educational Innovation in the Department of Veterans Affairs. Morning Report: A 27-Year-Old Woman With Hyperthyroidism During Pregnancy. Policy Corner: Training In Primary Care Medicine And Dentistry - Glass Half-Full Or Half-Empty?