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July 2007 Forum PDF Version

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July 2007 PDF Version. Human Medicine: Solidarité - We are shocked that he is shocked. Between Us: Why Academic General Internal Medicine is Critical to the Health of Academic Medicine. President's Column: It’s OK to Get Sick in July! Innovations in Clinical Care: Improving Decision-Support - The Use of SmartForms. Morning Report: A High School Student with a Fever and Incapacitating Knee/Ankle Pain. From the Religions: Passing the Baton:A Conversation with Outgoing Regional Coordinator Mitch Feldman. Policy Corner: You Can’t Tell the Players Without a Program. From the Society: Health Policy Committee Works to Transform Members into Advocates. Funding Corner: Using the NIH Biosketch as a Roadmap to Being a Credible Principal Investigator. ACGIM: A Chief’s Best Day.