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August 2007 Forum PDF Version

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August 2007 PDF Version. From the Field: Time for Priorities - Remarks on Receiving the 2007 Glazer Award. From the Society: Annual Meeting 2007 in Review. President's Column: The "Big Tent" of SGIM. Policy Corner: The Politics of Universal Health Care - Helps and Hindrances. Morning Report: A 61-year-old Woman with Renal Failure Following Colonoscopy. This Month in JGIM: Chronic Benzodiazepine Use - Evaluating Impact on the Elderly. Photos from the 2007 Annual Meeting:In Training: The Art of the Deal. Ask the Expert: The ABCs of CTSAs - Translating Translational Research to a General Internal Medicine Audience. VA Research Briefs: Self-management with Chronic Diseases within the VA - Hypertension as an Example.