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Call for Leadership

The California/Hawaii Leadership Board is seeking nominations for the elected position of President - Elect, Secretary/Treasurer Elect, Membership Chair Elect, and Chair, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

A major focus for the board is to plan the regional meeting and build SGIM leadership.  The qualifications for candidacy primarily include a history of participation in SGIM activities at the regional level. We are seeking
to identify candidates from a range of institutions in the California/Hawaii region.


A three (3) year term: The President‐Elect will participate in the regional officer activities, including serving on the Regional Meeting Planning Committee and other activities relevant to Mountain West SGIM. The President will be responsible for annual regional activities including the planning and execution of the regional meeting and also become a member of the Board of Regional Leaders, a national committee that works on issues and initiatives across the SGIM regions. The President may elect to appoint a Meeting Chairperson to assist with the planning and execution of the annual regional meeting, as needed. During their third year, as Past‐President, they serve as Chair of the Leadership Nominating Committee and advisor to the regional activities.


A two (2) year term: The Secretary/Treasurer will assist with the organization of the California/Hawaii SGIM Regional Meeting, monitor California/Hawaii SGIM finances (with a report at regional meeting), keep accurate record of monthly conference calls, and act as a liaison with other regional organizations.

Membership ChairElect:

A two (2) year term: The Membership Chair (Elect) leads regional efforts to promote membership in SGIM - particularly through the institutional outreach within the region. Responsibilities include:

  • Serve as an active member of the national Membership Committee by attending monthly calls and regularly contributing to national membership recruitment/retention efforts.
  • Strategize and implement ways to promote SGIM and spearhead in-person membership recruitment at the regional meeting.
  • Recruit planning committee volunteers (awards, leadership, review chairs, etc.)

Chair, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: 

To further SGIMs commitment to DEI, the regional DEI champion will work with regional leadership, the regional meeting planning committee, and national SGIM leadership in DEI and anti-racism to define opportunities and implement DEI initiatives. The position requires a one (1) year commitment that includes monthly, one-hour conference calls.

Examples of opportunities for DEI work include collaboration with the Regional Membership chair to broaden and diversify membership outreach, which may include SNMA, FQHCs, deans of DEI from local medical programs. As well as developing Regional meeting programming that addresses DEI, which may include DEI goals for the meeting, including DEI on judging rubric or new category, diversify judging pool, call for invited workshops on DEI, anti-racism and advocacy, DEI interest groups, or creation of a DEI award.

Additional work between meetings will be determined by the initiatives selected for implementation, and may include coordination, outreach, meeting planning, etc. Estimated time is 30-120 minutes per month.

All nominees must be, or become members of SGIM 

Submit your nomination by Friday, March 17, 2023.


Important Dates:

March 17, 2023

Leadership Nomination Closes 

March 21, 2023

Election Voting Opens

March 31, 2023

Election Voting Deadline