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2011 Annual Meeting Handouts



PR03 Evidence Based Treatment of MUS 


PS1 Opening Plenary Session

Concurrent Session A
ASA1 Abstract Session A1: Women’s Health
ASA2 Abstract Session A2: Geriatrics
ASA3 Abstract Session A3: Disparities
ASA4 Abstract Session A4: Chronic Disease
IPMA IPM Oral and Poster Session A
WA01 Caring for Cancer Patients
WA02 Patient-Centered Interviewing
WA04 Transitions for Vulnerable Groups
WA06 The Anatomy of a Great Poster
WA08 Boundary Transgressions

Concurrent Session B
CUB Update in Women's Health
ASB1 Abstract Session B1: Hamolsky Finals
ASB2 Abstract Session B2: Cancer Research
ASB3 Abstract Session B3: Quality of Care
ASB4 Abstract Session B4: Clinical Epi/HER
ASB5 Abstract Session B5: QC/PS
CVB Vignette Session B
WB02 Resistant Hypertension
WB03 Numeracy from Research to Clinic
WB07 The Hidden Face of PTSD

Concurrent Session C
ASC1 Abstract Session C1: Hamolsky Finals
ASC2 Abstract Session C2: AACH Session
ASC3 Abstract Session C3: Disparities
ASC4 Abstract Session C4: Med Ed/Prof Dev
CVC Vignette Session C
IMEC IME Oral and Poster Session C
WC02 Essential Dermatologic Procedures
WC09 Making the Most of Your Mentor
CUC Update in Hospital Medicine


Breakfast time Sessions
IF12 Part-Time Careers Interest Group
PS02 Plenary Session 2

Concurrent Session D
ASD1 Abstract Session D1: Lipkin Finals
ASD2 Abstracts D2: SMDM Session
ASD3 Abstracts D3: Chronic Disease Care
ASD4 Abstracts D4: Humanities and Ethics

WD01 Practical Tips for Using Patient Navigators/Promotores
WD03 Mini-CEX: Why is it so hard?
WD05 Teaching with Art and Literature
WD07 Primary Care and HIV in 2011
WD06 Chronic Pain Strategic Alliances
WD08 Getting Your Vignette Published 
IL05 Evolution and Medicine interest Group 

Concurrent Session E
CUE1 Update in Palliative Care
CUE2 Update in Geriatrics
ASE1 Abstract Session E1: Lipkin Finals
ASE2 Abstract Session E2: Disparities
ASE3 Abstract E3: Hospital-Based Medicine
ASE4 Abstracts E4: Preventive Medicine
CVE Vignettes E:
WE02 Foot and Ankle Disorders
WE04 Guidelines for common skin diseases
WE05 How to Be a Reviewer for Hospital Medicine Articles - The SQUIRE Guidelines
WE07 Female Urinary Incontinence 

Concurrent Session F
CUF Update in Medical Education
ASF1 Abstract Session F1: Med Ed Prof Dev
ASF2 Abstract Session F2: MH/SA
ASF3 Abstract F3: Qualitative Research
ASF4 Abstract Session F4: Global Health
WF01 Ambulatory Care for the Older Adult
WF06 How to Institute Group Visits
WF08 Careers in Academic Medicine
WF10 Osteoporosis Screening and Treatment


Breakfast time Interest Group Sessions
IS01 Academic GIM in Latin America Interest Group
IS05 Ethics Interest Group
IS11 Interprofessional Education Interest Group

PS3 Plenary Session 3

Concurrent Session G
ASG1 Abstract Session G1: Disparities
ASG2 Abstract Session G2: Quality/Safety
ASG3 Abstract G3: Hospital-Based Medicine
ASG4 Abstract G4: Health Policy/Social Justice
WG01 Many Faces a Generalist Encounters
WG03 Health Literacy in Medical Education
WG05 Developing a Student QI Curriculum
WG07 Implementing Best Practices at Your Medical Center through Computerized Clinical Decision Support
WG10 Faculty Feedback on Sign-out
WG12 Contraception in Chronic Disease