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As part of the electronic submission process, Presenting Authors must disclose any private, commercial, or industry support of their research and whether their research references any product not currently approved in the United States for the use under discussion. SGIM will contact all those who disclose any conflicts of interest and are accepted to present at the meeting, to resolve these conflicts prior to the presentation. Authors reporting a conflict that cannot be resolved will not be allowed to present at any SGIM Annual Meeting session that offers CME credit hours. SGIM Annual Meeting materials, both print and electronic, will include details of all disclosures and dual commitments as described by each presenter.


All presenters are required to register and pay the appropriate annual meeting registration fee. The SGIM annual meeting is produced without commercial funding. We do not allow exhibits, pharmaceutical support, satellite symposia, or even a tote bag with a corporate logo on it. This is in keeping with the expressed wishes of our membership.

How do we do it? By having everyone - both those presenting and those not presenting at the meeting - register and pay to attend at the fees set by the SGIM Council.


The Journal of General Internal Medicine (JGIM) is an official publication of SGIM. SGIM expects to publish all scientific abstracts, clinical vignettes, Innovations in Medical Education and Clinical Practice Innovations submissions accepted for presentation at the Annual Meeting in an electronic supplement to JGIM. SGIM reserves the right to exclude any abstract deemed inappropriate for publication.


Oral and poster sessions are open to the press.


You are responsible for entering accurate information into this submission. This is easiest if all your co-authors have created a ScholarOne® personal profile that your “attach” to your submission. If you must manually enter information into an online submission remember that the information will be published exactly as you enter it. Please check capitalization, spelling and use of complete names with degrees.


No paper may be presented at the SGIM National Meeting if it has been published or accepted for publication either in article or abstract form prior to the abstract submission deadline. Papers under review at the time of the submission deadline but not yet accepted for publication, even if appearing before the meeting, are eligible for presentation.

No abstract may be submitted more than once to the national SGIM meeting, either in different years or as more than one abstract in the same year. This does not preclude submitting to both the regional and national SGIM meetings or submitting separate abstracts featuring different analyses or other significantly different aspects of a single dataset, merely the submission of essentially the same abstract more than once to the national meeting. Authors are not required to be SGIM members.


You will be asked to identify if you have a presentation preference. SGIM schedules accepted submissions based on the results of the peer review process. The most highly rated submissions are scheduled for an oral presentation followed by those rated highly enough for presentation as posters.

If you stipulate “oral presentation only” and your submission is only ranked highly enough for a poster presentation, you will receive a rejection notification. Similarly, one year the most highly rated submission was flagged for “poster only” when it would have been presented in the opening plenary session. We recommend stipulating “no preference”, as it will increase the likelihood of your submission being accepted.

Submissions funded through direct commercial support should select “poster only” as their choice, as poster sessions do not offer CME credit hours.