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Clinical Practice Innovations (CPI)

CPI submissions address improvements in the delivery of healthcare in outpatient, inpatient, or community-based settings.  Topics include quality improvement and patient safety initiatives, implementation of innovative clinical programs (e.g., medical home and chronic care delivery models), applied informatics in healthcare, systems engineering, translating research into practice, methods to effect changes in clinicians’ behavior, and strategies to enhance cost-effectiveness. Unlike scientific abstracts, CPI submissions are not required to have complete evaluation data but should include a discussion of proposed metrics.  This can include qualitative or quantitative measures.  Submissions with evaluation data, whether qualitative or quantitative, may receive higher ratings.  Submissions should include enough information about the intervention that session attendees can evaluate reproducibility and feasibility of the intervention at their practice or community.


Clinical Practice Innovations must conform to the following organization:

  • Statement of Problem or Question (one sentence)
  • Objectives of Program/Intervention (no more than three objectives)
  • Description of Program/Intervention, including organizational context (e.g., inpatient vs. outpatient, practice or community characteristics)
  • Measures of success (discuss qualitative or quantitative metrics that will be used to evaluate program/intervention)
  • Findings to Date (it is not sufficient to state “findings will be discussed”)
  • Key Lessons for Dissemination (what can others take away for implementation to their practice or community?)

Note on Scheduling:

There is only one CPI oral presentation session. It is on Thursday during session B: 3:30-5:00 pm.

There is only one CPI poster session. It is on Friday during Session C: 11:30-1:00.

These presentation times are not negotiable if your submisison is accepted for presentation.

Already scheduled to present? The schedule cannot be adjusted to support an CPI presentation. If you are already scheduled to present in either sessions B or C, do not identify yourself as the presenting author of an IME submission.

Review Process:
Panels of SGIM member volunteers will review all submissions.  Reviewers will be blinded to author(s) and institution(s) during the review process. Clinical Practice Innovations submissions will be ranked using the following criteria:

1. Relevance/Importance (Saliency of topic to clinical practice of general internal medicine)

2. Creativity/Originality (Nature of problem addressed, intervention, and process by which arrived at intervention)

3. Methods (Intervention design and qualitative or quantitative methods used to assess impact of intervention on stated outcomes of interest)

4. Feasibility/Generalizability of applying results in other institutions (organizational context, complexity, cost, resource utilization are described, as appropriate)