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Scientific Abstract Submission Information

Scientific abstracts report the results of original research and must contain data (either quantitative or qualitative) and report research results. Scientific abstracts can address a broad range of topics, including clinical epidemiology, health services research, health policy, health economics, social science, education, medical ethics, and others.

Scientific abstracts must conform to the following organization:

  • Background: Should describe the context and importance of the study and state the objective(s) of the study.
  • Methods: Should include a description of the methods used including study design, setting, population, measures, and analytic procedures.
  • Results: Should describe the results in sufficient detail to support the conclusions. Tabular or graphic results are acceptable. It is not satisfactory to state, "The results will be discussed" or "Other data will be presented”. Abstracts that do not provide actual results will not be considered for publication or presentation.
  • Conclusions: Should state the implications of the findings for clinical practice, research, education, or policy.

Presentation format:

You will be asked to identify if you have a presentation format preference. SGIM schedules accepted submissions based on the results of the peer review process. The most highly rated submissions are scheduled for an oral presentation followed by those rated highly enough for presentation as posters. If you stipulate “oral presentation only” and your submission is only ranked highly enough for a poster presentation, you will receive a rejection notification. Similarly, one year the most highly rated submission was flagged for “poster only” when it would have been presented in the opening plenary session. We recommend stipulating “no preference”, as it will increase the likelihood of your submission being accepted. Submissions funded through direct commercial support should select “poster only” as their choice, as poster sessions do not offer CME credit hours.