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In this issue, Lypson, SGIM President, reflects on SGIM history to address COVID-19 vaccination hesitancy and plans for the future, while Bass, SGIM CEO, and Gerrity, chair of SGIM’s Philanthropy Committee, also look ahead on bolstering SGIM’s community through the Forging Our Future program. Anampa-Guzmán, a medical student, courageously shares her experiences as a physician mental health and neurodiversity advocate. Torres-Deas and Moise call for greater attention to the link between physician well-being and patient well-being in their perspective. As one example, Malik, et al, share preliminary findings linking physician perceptions of e-cigarette use and advice given about using them as tobacco cessation tools. Miller offers a guide for primary care physicians to seek key competencies in a behavioral health clinician who can be a part of an integrated primary care team, while D’Amico, et al, describe the importance of screening for and addressing adverse childhood experiences among patients.

SGIM members excel at directly and deftly disrupting stigma-perpetuating barriers to well-being, including social and workplace injustices, using the tools of our trade: scientific evidence, expertise, and professionalism, weaved together by our shared human experiences and commonalities. Although 2022 is just around the corner, there is still so much more to be done to advance physician and patient mental health and well-being. Let’s be sure to keep going forward together, with and for each other and for our patients!

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Why I Became Open with My Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Mrs. Andrea Anampa-Guzmán
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Does Physician Mental Health and Well-being Affect Patient Mental Health and Well-being?

Lucille M. Torres-Deas, MD; Nathalie Moise, MD, MS
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Association between Electronic Cigarette Use and Safety Beliefs among Physicians and Medical Students

Sushmita Malik, MD; Lydia M. Andrawis, MD; Richard L. Amdur, PhD; Jillian S. Catalanotti, MD, MPH
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Q & A with SGIM’s CEO and the Chair of the Philanthropy Committee about Early Success of the Forging Our Future Program

Eric B. Bass, MD, MPH; Martha Gerrity, MD, MPH
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What Primary Care Physicians Should Consider When Hiring Mental Health Clinicians

Benjamin F. Miller, PsyD
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