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In the January 2021 issue of Forum, Lee and Schenker, co-chairs of SGIM’s 2021 Annual Meeting, share the benefits of attending the Society’s virtual live — and lively! — meeting April 20-23, 2021. Jean Kutner, SGIM president, describes learnings as we reprise and adapt our regional and national COVID-19 responses, contrasting our roles metaphorically with the film, Groundhog Day. Eric Bass, SGIM CEO, updates us on the status of SGIM external relations through organizational collaborations to benefit our communities and patients. Tiffany I. Leung, Forum editor, reflects on New Year’s resolutions accompanying a needed sense of renewal for physicians and front-line healthcare workers.

Hanna and Callister provide best practices for substance use disorders treatment during COVID-19. Block et al describe a pilot project engaging medical students in COVID-19 telehealth care, while Sagar and McGinn describe five core tenets and the design of a post-COVID ambulatory patient care service. Sgro provides us the third and final installment of Forum’s Racism in Medicine essay collection. Hamer and Estrada close the issue with a comprehensive list of scholarly publication venues for quality improvement work, refreshing a previous list from 2011.

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Continuing to Improve as a Leader—Leveraging Repetition

Jean S. Kutner, MD, MSPH, President, SGIM
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Patient-Centered Care in Post-COVID-19 Recovery

Ankita Sagar, MD, MPH, FACP; Thomas McGinn, MD, MPH, MACP
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Q & A with SGIM’s CEO: External Relations More Important than Ever

Eric B. Bass, MD, MPH
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Journal Venues for Quality Improvement: 2021 Update

Joshua Hamer, PhD; Carlos A. Estrada, MD, MS
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