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In this issue, Lypson, SGIM President, looks back to reflect on the value of SGIM membership and community during the first-ever virtual live SGIM Annual Meeting in April 2021. Leung, SGIM Forum Editor in Chief, also looks back, asking members to continue sharing their #MyFirstSGIM experiences and how they came to call SGIM their professional home. Bass, CEO of SGIM, and Lypson look forward together to describe how SGIM Council, Committees, and Commissions develop and set their priorities for the upcoming year.

Jetton announces the #SGIM21 award winners, while Lee, et al., feature wisdom and inspiration from several education award winners. Award acceptance videos can also be viewed here:

Additionally, an essay from associate member Min, this issue’s article of the month, speaks of loss during patient care. An essay from Terasaki offers first-hand perspective of methadone disposition for hospitalized patients. Redinger, et al., survey their interns and residents on preferences for virtual case conferences during COVID-19. Finally, Brown, et al., write up a case report of a rare disease, a neuroimmunological disorder presenting with symptoms of autonomic dysfunction.

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Featured Column

Massive Transfusion

Emily April Min, MD
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Other Articles

Methadone Disposition on a Friday

Dale Terasaki, MD, MPH
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Slow Pulse, Plegia, and Poikilothermia: An Unusual Combination

Blake Brown, MD; Martin Giangreco, MD; Shanu Gupta, MD
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SGIM Announces 2021 Award and Grant Recipients

Francine Jetton, MA, SGIM Director of Communications
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Why SGIM Is My (and Your) Professional Home—Career Development

Monica L. Lypson, MD, MHPE, FACP, President, SGIM
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Virtual Case-based Conferences: An Early COVID-19 Experience

Jeffrey W. Redinger, MD; Christopher Ghiathi, MD; Tyler J. Albert, MD; Paul B. Cornia, MD
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