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The ProudtobeGIM work group is charged with determining the strategic direction for SGIM's ProudtobeGIM Campaign.  This campaign is aimed at educating medical students about GIM and encouraging them to join the GIM workforce.

2019-2020 ProudtobeGIM Initiatives

  1. Continue to run the ProudtobeGIM program, in collaboration with the American College of Physicians.  This year's funding cycle will specify multi-institutional applications, or applications that include outreach/partnership with a local ACP chapter.  We intend to fund up to 20 institutions at $2000 each.
  2. Continue to update our ProudToBeGIM website 
  3. Create and implement a strategic plan for social media outreach, including distribution by outside organizations
  4. Host ProudToBeGIM week with events scheduled at PTB GIM sites across the country and including communications from SGIM
  5. Disseminate ProudToBeGIM message to a broader audience more frequently, with more active engagement (possibly through Twitter chats, journal clubs)
  6. Increase regional outreach for the campaign at the SGIM regional meetings 

For more information on the ProudtobeGIM campaign, please click here.​

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Paul O'Rourke, MD
Chair, ProudtobeGIM Work Group
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Francine Jetton
, Staff Liaison

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