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TEACH Certificate Application 

Participants of the SGIM TEACH certificate program will be chosen via a competitive peer-review application process. The applicant must be committed to attending the 2022 SGIM annual meeting (April 6-9, 2022 in Orlando, FL) and to participating in both independent and online study including direct observation, online discussion, and a teaching portfolio. We encourage applicants to meet with an individual in leadership at their institution (e.g., Division Head, Department Chair or Dean of Curriculum or Faculty Affairs) to advise and review professional goals, assist in identifying an institutional teaching coach and discuss how the TEACH certificate can benefit the applicant and their institution.

Targeted learners

Targeted learners are the membership of SGIM, particularly those at an entry or junior level approximately 1-5 years out of their residency or fellowship training. In addition, those who are newly entering into teaching as a career are also appropriate. Entrance into program will be through an application process with an acceptance of approximately 24 individuals per program year.

To complete your application, submit the following materials by January 10, 2022 in the SGIM online portal (under Awards & Nominations):

  1. Brief statement of interest in the TEACH Certificate program (do not exceed one page). Include in your statement:
    • your area of teaching focus (classroom based, clinical, or other) for the TEACH certificate,
    • your personal goals for the program (at least two specific goals for the program; a goal can include a specific education-based project in which you would like to focus), and
    • your plans regarding how the program will benefit you and your institution.
  2. Description of your current teaching activities. Include the level of learners taught, topics of teaching and number of hours per week teaching.
  3. Current CV
  4. Letter of support from an individual in a leadership position at your institution. (e.g., Division Head, Department Chair or Dean of Curriculum or Faculty Affairs). This letter should include: a. the rationale for the applicant’s attendance b. a statement indicating sufficient funding is available to cover the applicant’s cost for participation in the certificate program, registration for the two meetings and travel expenses c. an agreement to provide protected time for this activity which will include the mandatory attendance at two consecutive national SGIM meetings
  5. Signed Coach Agreement form - coaches should be respected teachers with skills in feedback and are required to complete 2-3 of your direct observations.

How to apply

The application deadline is January 10, 2021. Submit the materials above in the SGIM online portal (under Awards & Nominations). There is no cost to apply. Program fees for the 2022 program year are $900/members and $1300/nonmembers. Notification of acceptance into the program will occur no later than February 14, 2022.


Contact Judy Dalie for questions related to the TEACH program or application process