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Resource Guide HIV Recommendations 5 and 6

5.  Prevention counseling should not be required as a part of HIV screening programs

Key Points

  • Assessment of risk and prevention should be incorporated into routine primary care of all sexually active persons. 
  • Testing might present an ideal opportunity to provide or arrange for prevention counseling to reduce risks for acquiring HIV infection.
  • Many groups still consider that counseling is a critical component of HIV prevention. 

6.  Persons at high risk for HIV infection should be screened for HIV at least annually.

Key Points

Persons likely to be at high risk include:

  • Injection-drug users and their sex partners 
  • Persons who exchange sex for money or drugs 
  • Sex partners of HIV-infected persons 
  • MSM or heterosexual persons who themselves or whose sex partners have had more than one sex partner since their most recent HIV test 
    All patients seeking treatment for an STD should be screened during each visit for a new complaint.

Risk Assessment and Patient Counseling Tools

HIV Rapid System for Counseling and Testing Pocket Card (ACTS)
Post Test Counseling Negative Test Results (PA AETC)
Post Test Counseling Positive Test Results (PA AETC)
"Do You Know About HIV and HIV Testing?" (Video, Brown University AIDS Program)
 NY Risk Assessment Tool
CDC Risk Assessment Tool
HIV Rapid System for Counseling and Testing Pocket Card (ACTS)
Streamlined Counseling Checklist