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Patient-Centered Medical Home

A number of potent forces are converging to promote adoption of the patient-centered medical home (PCMH), including the need to bend the healthcare cost curve, the need to decrease fragmentation and improve the coordination of care between providers, the need to address the issues around support for potential trainees and the means for reducing health care costs. The PCMH offers a promising solution to all of these pressing issues. The core principles of the PCMH model build upon the core concepts of primary care that include accessible, coordinated, comprehensive, and continuous care in a healing physician-patient relationship over time.

SGIM is committed to exploring how the PCMH model is affecting GIM in developing both research policy recommendations and medical education priorities. SGIM’s PCMH activities include: 


PCMH Research Conference II - May 2013

Chair, Gary Rosenthal, MD 
Hosted by the Society of General Internal Medicine, the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine and the Academic Pediatric Association in partnership with the Agency of Healthcare Research and Quality, the Veterans Health Administration, US Department of Veterans Affairs.

Broader adoption of PCMHs at this time raises a number of new questions and issues regarding the dissemination, implementation, and sustainability of the PCMH model. The overarching goal of the conference was to develop an agenda for future research on the implementation and impact of the PCMH. The meeting reviewed emerging evidence about the impact of the PCMH model on quality, access, and costs of care, and prioritized key unanswered research questions surrounding the PCMH with respect to:

The conference addressed these questions in two ways. First, the conference brought together over 100 key stakeholders and the research community to define the policy-relevant research agenda that is needed to move the PCMH model of care forward. Second, by reviewing emerging evidence on the clinical and economic impact of the PCMH model, the conference was able to shed additional insight on the effectiveness of the PCMH over traditional primary care models and spur further interest by payers and purchasers in devoting the necessary additional resources to support the PCMH model. The conclusions of the conference will be disseminated through white papers published in appropriate venues, workshops at major professional society meetings, and concise briefs intended for practitioners and policy makers. 

PCMH Medical Education Summit - March 2011


PCMH Research Conference I - July 2009