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LEAHP Policy to Practice Webinar

Where Capital P Meets Little P:Translating Policy to Practice

Presenter: Scott V. Joy, MD, MBA, FACP, Medical Director Rose Integrated Health Network, Denver, Colorado 

Learning Objectives

1. Understand the building blocks and forces in play to change health care reimbursement from volume to value-based.

2. List two challenges a general internist may face by being in an Accountable Care Organization.

3. Create an advocacy statement/talking points to use at your organization in support or in opposition of Advanced Payment Models

Pre-Seminar Assignment Exercise:
You are having lunch with the CEO of your hospital. This past week, she met with a large employer in your community who was concerned about the rising costs of health care premiums, and was asked what her hospital's plan was to address these costs. Both of you have just read the WSJ op-ed piece below in the morning paper by Seema Verma, Administrator of CMS. The CEO asks you about your thoughts regarding this article and any ideas on what you would ask CMS to do as an innovation project. She would also like this project to help bend the health care cost curve that would also make the hospital the preferred choice for consumers in your local market. How would you respond?

1. S Verma. Medicare and Medicaid Need Innovation. WSJ 9/19/2017

2. J Lasker. Four Ingredients for Engaging Physicians in a Network Setting. NEJM Catalyst, 9/21/2017

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