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 With health policy in acute flux in   Washington, there has never been a   more important time to advocate on   behalf of programs that support our   patients and general internists. On   March 13-14, 2018, nearly 50 SGIM   members from 16 states went to Capitol   Hill to advocate for crucial issues in   clinical practice, research, and medical   education. 

SGIM members started their Hill Day activities at 4:00PM on the evening before Hill Day (Tuesday, March 13) at the National Association of Home Builders in Washington, DC. After a small reception for everyone participating in Hill Day, there was orientation to the two-day event and remarks from keynote speaker Dr. Gregg Margolis, Director of Health Policy Fellowships and Leadership Programs at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.  Dr. Margolis explored the way that bureaucrats, staffers, and elected officials think about policy change and help participants develop strategies to most effectively ‘petition the government for a redress of grievances.’

On March 14, CRD Associates, SGIM's policy consultant, briefed participants on both advocacy techniques and the issues in advance of meetings with Congressional representatives. Participants then split into groups by state and met with Congressional staff and/or Representatives on both the House and Senate side. 

"It is incredibly fun and rewarding. A critical part of being a general internist in the 21st century."

Quick Start Guide to Local Advocacy



​Leave Behind Materials

SGIM's advocacy positions are specified in these educational materials that members "leave behind" after Congressional meetings.  These documents provide an overview of SGIM's positions in a few different categories.  View the leave behinds below by category and read related background articles.

Clinical Practice

Supplemental EM Sign on Letter

JAMA Background Article: Factors Associated With Increases in US Health Care Spending, 1996-2013

JAMA Background Article: Importance of Relative Prices in Healthcare Spending


SGIM Position Paper on GME Reform