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"Making Young Physicians Excited About General Internal Medicine"
NEJM Knowledge +

Josette Ahresh-Gonzales

Specialists are rewarded with higher status and income than primary care physicians, so it’s not surprising that most medical students these days do not aspire to become general doctors. But a new campaign called “proud to be GIM,” led by the Society for General Internal Medicine (SGIM), is helping young physicians get excited about choosing to go into general internal medicine. (Just what the country needs with its aging boomers!) -      More...

Robert Centor    "Proud to be a General Internist"

db's Medical Rants - Robert Centor, MD

SGIM (the Society for General Internal Medicine) launches today its #ProudtobeGIM campaign. As a full disclosure, I am a previous President of the Society. I am very biased towards SGIM and I am Proud to be a General Internist. Please consider the ProudtobeGIM website to learn more.  Here is my story.      More...

Crotty.jpg  Why I'm ProudtobeGIM" - Brad Crotty, MD, MPH

So, what do you do?  I’m often asked “what I do” when I first meet people. My patients ask what else I’m doing when I’m not in the clinic. I explain that I’m a doctor (a person’s personal doctor, or primary care physician), a researcher, an innovator, and a teacher. All in one. I’m a general internist.     More...

Doug Olson, MD    rebecca andrews

Why we are #ProudtobeGIM: A general internal medicine top 10 list - Douglas Olson, MD & Rebecca Andrews, MD

General internal medicine GIM is alive and well, and only getting better. And to that end, the Society of General Internal Medicine (SGIM) is promoting its new #ProudtobeGIM campaign, aimed at encouraging more students to choose a career in GIM.     More...