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SGIM is dedicated to providing professional development opportunities for its members, regardless of their current career level. Search the SGIM Career Center, learn more about mentoring opportunities, and find out how you can use SGIM tools and resources to your advantage.


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Tools & Resources

 Awards and Grants

Interested in applying for an SGIM Award or Grant at either the national or regional level? Start here.

Public Health Training Directory

Search for Internal Medicine residency programs that offer training in public health, including special educational tracks and elective rotations.


Join other SGIM members and serve as a reviewer for UpToDate chapters in the internal medicine section.

Fellowship Directory

Search for the right fellowship program to advance your career or promote your institution's program to find quality applicants.

Quality Improvement Portfolio

The Hospitalist Quality Portfolio was created to better document the work and accomplishments of Hospitalists involved in quality improvement.

Promotion Guidelines

Read the full .pdf file for the full promotion guidelines for clinical investigators developed by SGIM.

Residency Directory

Search for the right fellowship program to advance your career or promote your institution's program to find quality applicants

Career Resources

Visit this page for a complete listing of major medical institutions, similar organizations, and medical journals.



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