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Helping SGIM advance GIM careers

SGIM members are leaders in general internal medicine research, teaching and clinical care, representing every major medical school and teaching hospital in the United States.  SGIM provides its members a tremendous opportunity for networking, career advancement, and contributing to the field of general internal medicine. As your professional home, the Society of General Internal Medicine has helped you advance your career.  Now we ask you to help us advance our efforts to serve future leaders in GIM.  

As leaders and supporters of SGIM, you know how important it is to marshal resources to advance our efforts to serve future leaders in GIM. We ask you to consider participating in our Legacy Program for Bequests and Planned Giving, which allows members to designate a portion of their estates, investments and retirement funds to support SGIM’s innovative activities and vital core operations.



Have you made a bequest to SGIM?  

If so, please let us know so we can thank you and ask you to join our Legacy Circle. 




You can provide now for a future gift to SGIM by including a bequest provision in your will or revocable trust.  SGIM receives the gift, and applies it to the purpose(s) you specified. 

Sample bequest language is offered below for your legal counsel’s consideration in preparing your will or trust. 

Thank you for considering a testamentary gift to SGIM!