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2018 SGIM Awards and Grants Announced

 , June 01, 2018

Society of General Internal Medicine Announces
2018 Award and Grant Recipients
Alexandria, VA--

The Society of General Internal Medicine presented numerous awards and grants during its Annual Scientific Meeting, held April 11-14, 2018 at the Sheraton Denver Downtown in Denver, CO. SGIM is proud and pleased to announce the recipients by category. For more information about SGIM’s awards, please visit

Recognition Awards

The Robert J. Glaser Award – Presented to Kurt Kroenke, MD (Indiana University School of Medicine) for outstanding contributions to research, education, or both in generalism in medicine. The award is supported by grants from the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, the Commonwealth Fund, and individual contributors.

Elnora M. Rhodes Service Award – Presented to Marilyn M. Schapira, MD, MPH (University of Pennsylvania) for her outstanding service to SGIM and its mission of promoting patient care, research, and education in general internal medicine.

Herbert W. Nickens Award – Presented to Arleen F. Brown, MD, PhD (University of California, Los Angeles) for a demonstrated commitment to cultural diversity in medicine.

David R. Calkins Award in Health Policy Advocacy – Presented to Jeffrey R. Jaeger, MD (University of Pennsylvania) in recognition of his extraordinary commitment to advocating on behalf of SGIM.

ACLGIM Chiefs Recognition Award – Presented to Mark Linzer, MD (Hennepin County Medical Center). This award is given annually to the general internal medicine Division Chief who most represents excellence in division leadership.

Lawrence S. Linn Award - Presented to Jules Chyten-Brennan, DO (Montefiore Medical Center). This award is presented to young investigators to study or improve the quality of life for persons with AIDS or HIV infection.
The ACLGIM UNLTD (Unified Leadership Training in Diversity) Award - Recognizes junior and mid-career faculty from underrepresented groups with proven leadership potential. Recipients of this award receive a training scholarship to attend the Leon Hess Leadership Institute hosted by ACLGIM. The 2017 recipients are Alda Maria R. Gonzaga, MD, MS (University of Pittsburgh) and Chavon Onumah, MD, MPH (George Washington University).

The ACLGIM Leadership Award is given to a member of the ACLGIM who is within the first 10 years of faculty appointment. It recognizes skills in leadership in any number of areas of academic medicine, including clinical, educational, research or administrative efforts. The 2018 recipient of this award is Wallid F. Gellad, MD, MPH (VA Pittsburgh/University of Pittsburgh)

The Quality and Practice Innovation Award - Recognizes general internists and their organization that have successfully developed and implemented innovative role model systems of practice improvement in ambulatory and/or inpatient clinical practice. The 2018 award was presented to Division of General Internal Medicine/Enhanced Care Program, University of Pittsburgh, Jodie A. Bryk, MD.

Research Awards

John M. Eisenberg National Award for Career Achievement in Research – Presented to Carol M. Mangione, MD, MSPH (University of California, Los Angeles), in recognition of a senior SGIM member whose innovative research has changed the way we care for patients, the way we conduct research, or the way we educate our students. SGIM member contributions and the Hess Foundation support this award.

Outstanding Junior Investigator of the Year – Presented to Mitesh S. Patel, MD, MBA, MS (University of Pennsylvania) for early career achievements and overall body of work that has made a national impact on generalist research.

Mid-Career Research and Mentorship Award– Presented to Sei J. Lee, MD, MCR (University of California, San Francisco) in recognition of mentoring activities as a general internal medicine investigator.

Best Published Research Paper of the Year – Presented to Michael L. Barnett, MD, MS, MN (Harvard Chan School of Public Health) for his 2017 publication “Opioid-prescribing patterns of emergency physicians and risk of long-term use”. This award is offered to help members gain recognition for their papers that have made significant contributions to generalist research.

Founders’ Award – Presented to Madeline R. Sterling, MD, MPH (Weill Cornell Medical College), for her proposal entitled “Understanding the Perspectives of Home Care Workers Who Care for Adults with Heart Failure” The SGIM Founders Award provides $10,000 support to junior investigators who exhibit significant potential for a successful research career and who need a “jump start” to establish a strong research funding base.

National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) - Mentored Training Award in Substance Use Disorder Treatment Science Dissemination – Payel J. Roy, MD (Boston Medical Center) Supported by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and sponsored by the Society of General Internal Medicine (SGIM)

Clinician-Educator Awards

National Award for Career Achievements in Medical Education – Presented to Patricia S. O’Sullivan, EDD (University of California, San Francisco) for a lifetime of contributions to medical education.

Frederick L. Brancati Mentorship & Leadership Award – Presented to Robin E. Canada, MD (University of Pennsylvania). The Brancati Award honors an individual at the junior faculty level who inspires and mentors trainees to pursue general internal medicine and lead the transformation of health care through innovations in research, education, and practice.

National Award for Scholarship in Medical Education – Presented to Colleen C. Gillespie, PhD (New York University School of Medicine) for her individual contributions to medical education in one or more of the following categories: Scholarship of Integration, Scholarship in Educational Methods and Teaching, and Scholarship in Clinical Practice.

Mid-Career Mentorship in Education Award – Presented to Carla Spagnoletti, MD, MS
(University of Pittsburgh). This award recognizes the mentoring activities of general medicine educators who are actively engaged in education research and mentorship of junior clinician educators.

Presentation Awards:
Mack Lipkin, Sr. - Associate Member Awards are presented to the scientific presentations considered most outstanding by students, residents and fellows during the 2018 SGIM annual meeting. Awards are made based on participant evaluations of the presentations and are endowed by the Zlinkoff Fund for Medical Education. The award winners for 2018 are:

  • Sumit Agarwal, MD (Harvard Medical School, Brigham and Women’s Hospital) “Benzodiazipine Prescribing Trends in the United States”
  • Utibe Essien, MD (Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital) “Race, Ethnicity, and Use of Non-Vitamin K Antagonist Oral Anticoagulants in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation: A National Study”
  • Adam Markovitz, BS, MD/PhD Candidate (University of Michigan) “Changes in Coded Severity Under Accountable Care”

Milton W. Hamolsky - Junior Faculty Awards are presented to the scientific presentations considered most outstanding by junior faculty during the 2018 SGIM annual meeting. Awards are made based on participant evaluations of the presentations and are endowed by the Zlinkoff Fund for Medical Education. The award winners for 2018 are:

  • Maya Venkataramani, MD, MPH (University of Pennsylvania) “Impact of Parental Eligibility for the Deferred Action Program for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) on Children’s WIC Receipt”
  • Matthew Pappas, MD, MPH (Cleveland Clinic Foundation) “Resuming Warfarin Following Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding among Patients with Nonvalvular Atrial Fibrillation – A Microsimulation Analysis”
  • Yiwey Shieh, MD (University of California, San Francisco) “Combining Genetic Variants and Clinical Risk Factors for Breast Cancer Risk Stratification in a Population-based Trial”

SGIM Clinical Vignette Oral Presentation Award - Recognizes the best presented clinical case by a medical student, internal medicine resident or GIM fellow (not faculty) at the SGIM National Meeting. This year’s recipient is Sina Salehi Omran, MD (University of Pittsburgh) “Gut Check: An Unusual Cause of Electrical Storm”

Outstanding Quality & Patient Safety Oral Presentation Award recognizes the most outstanding oral abstract presentation related to quality assessment, gaps in quality of care, medical errors, quality improvement or patient safety in the inpatient or outpatient setting at the SGIM National meeting. This year’s awardee is Sondra Zabar, MD (NYU School of Medicine Department of Medicine), et al., for the abstract titled, “Simulated First Night-on-Call (FNOC): Establishing Community and a Culture of Patient Safety for Incoming Interns”.

Best Geriatrics Oral Abstract Presentation Award – Yael Schenker, MD (University of Pittsburgh) "Associations Between Polypharmacy, Symptom Burden, and Quality of Life in Patients with Advanced, Life-Limiting Illness”

Best Geriatrics Poster Presentation Awards

  • Carolyn Gibson, PhD, MPH (San Francisco VA Health Care System) “Emotional and sexual abuse are associated with aging-related genitourinary dysfunction among older community-dwelling women”
  • Jill Huded, MD (Louis Stokes Cleveland VAMC) “Functional Impairment of Older Adults Presenting to a VA Medical Center Emergency Department: Findings from the GERI-VET Program”
  • Jeffrey Kullgren, MD, MS, MPH (Ann Arbor VA and University of Michigan) “A National Survey of Older Americans About Overuse of Health Care Services”

Best Hospital-Based Medicine Oral Abstract Awards

  • Oanh K. Nguyen, MD (UT Southwestern Medical Center), “Man vs. Machine: Accuracy of Physicians vs. EHR-Based Model Predictions for 30-Day Hospital Readmissions”
  • Michael B. Rothberg, MD, MPH (Cleveland Clinic), “Development and Validation of a Risk Assessment Model for VTE in Hospitalized Medical Patients”.

    Best Hospital-Based Medicine Poster Presentation Award – Valerie Press, MD, MPH (University of Chicago), “Improving Self-Management Skills Using a Patient Driven Intervention: Can a Virtual Teach-To-Goal Program Deliver Similarly across Older versus Younger Patient Cohorts”

Best Women’s Health Oral Abstract Presentation Award – Mara Murray Horwitz, MD (Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute and Harvard Medical School) "Timing of contraceptive initiation and family planning relative to sexual initiation among young women in the U.S., 1984-2015"

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