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2023 SGIM Officer and Council Election

Ballot deadline: March 28, 2023

The SGIM Nominations Committee thanks the SGIM members who nominated candidates for SGIM positions that will become available in May 2023, and commends the slate below.  All eligible voters (Full and Emeritus Members valid through 2023) should have received an email notification with their voting credentials on February 27, 2023. If you did not receive your email, please check your spam folder as it may have been diverted.  

Ballot Website

In accordance with SGIM’s Conflict of Interest Policy, all candidates’ disclosures have been reviewed by the Conflict of Interest Review Committee and a mitigation strategy has been determined.  Please visit the ballot website for full biosketch and disclosure statements for each candidate.  

2023 SGIM Nominations Committee Members: Monica Lypson (Chair), Monica Lypson,  Jennifer Schmidt,  Martha Gerrity, Michael Fischer, Thomas Inui, Stacy Higgins

President-Elect Candidates 


Jada Bussey-Jones, MD, FACP

Emory University School of Medicine
Atlanta, GA

Since my first southern regional meeting in 2000, SGIM has been my professional home. I have been privileged to serve in a number of roles and, if elected, would continue my service with the following initiatives:

  1. Support innovative approaches to increase diverse membership, participation, and meeting attendance to sustain the pathway to GIM careers. Supplement our mentoring and networking programs and leverage our new learning management system to increase and enrich the experiences of faculty, trainees, and students. Seek new resources and opportunities to increase participation in the SGIM regional and national meetings with the goal of increasing and maintaining interest in generalism and academic medicine. Consider pilot programs to support and prepare younger general internists to succeed in academic medicine.
  2. Advocate for sustainable careers in General Internal Medicine. Utilize strategic national partnerships to increasingly participate in the national discussion about wellness, joy and sustainability in GIM – from reimbursement, documentation, staff support and others. Pilot new pathways for member advocacy at the at the local/ regional level.
  3. Advocate for patient-centered care and social responsibility in the care of vulnerable, underserved, and diverse populations. Support educational, research, advocacy, and service interventions that seek to address and improve patient-centered care and care of the underserved......See ballot website for additional candidate details.

Hollis Day , MD, MS, MHPE

Boston Medical Center
Boston, MA

WOW! What an honor to be nominated to run for president-elect for this great organization. SGIM has been my academic home since 1998. Our member-centric organization is passionate about many different areas: education, clinical care, research, and advocacy. I believe that we can embrace this diversity and grow cohesively to nurture the future of general internal medicine through fostering the growth of trainees/ junior faculty and wisely using the expertise and guidance of more senior members.
In times of uncertainty, I am certain about one thing: SGIM is a strong organization with a strong future. Serving as Treasurer from 2020-2022 solidified my knowledge of the strength of this organization. I saw firsthand that many years of thoughtful leadership and stewardship left us in a position to weather the pandemic. During these challenging times member commitment kept us not only afloat but thriving and leading both in our academic missions and ongoing championship of health equity. In this spirit, as president-elect I would continue to provide 1) transparent decision making, 2) thoughtful stewardship of resources not only financial but of member and staff time/effort, and 3) continued efforts to grow new benefits for our members (e.g., enhancing the use of our learning management system, expanding our efforts on general medicine fellowships, and encouraging ways the organization can assist members to integrate wellness into their professional lives). I would bring the following strengths: a strong knowledge of and dedication to SGIM; a thoughtful approach to problem‐solving; and an ability to partner and advocate within and outside the organization for issues core to our mission.....See ballot website for additional candidate details.

        Treasurer-Elect Candidates 


        Elizabeth A. Jacobs, MD MPP

        Scarborough, ME

        I have been attending SGIM meetings and have been a member since I was a medical resident many, many years ago. I have seen the organization evolve and grow and experience cyclical challenges in funding our mission and growth and addressing the needs of our members, particularly in challenging national political environments. I have served on many committees and commissions and in various leadership positions (see below) and have quite a breadth of understanding of SGIM and depth in some areas such as health policy, health equity, and meetings and educational offerings. I am deeply committed to our anti-racism efforts within our organization and beyond. I also have many treasured friends and colleagues whom I have met through SGIM and have such respect and admiration for SGIM’s hard-working staff and leadership.

        This is why I am running for the position of treasurer. I want to see SGIM thrive and grow as an organization to continue to be a welcoming, excellent, anti-racist professional home for me, my colleagues, and many others and to support our excellent, deserving staff and leadership. If I am elected treasurer I would apply my depth and breadth of understanding of SGIM and our staff and membership’s needs and my experience managing large budgets in resource-constrained settings to contribute to excellent financial stewardship and strategic planning for our organization......See ballot website for additional candidate details.

        Dan Hunt, MD, FACP

        Emory University School of Medicine
        Atlanta, GA

        SGIM has been my academic professional home since 2002. SGIM provides those of us committed to the ideals of patient-centered care, generalism, and scholarship with the tools to succeed in academic medicine. I am grateful to be part of a professional community that advocates for our patients, innovates for our learners, and advances our specialty. As a Council member I will bring the perspective of a general internist with extensive experiences in private practice, safety net hospitals, major academic medical centers, and diverse educational venues. I am delighted to be nominated for Treasurer.

        As the Division Director of the Emory Division of Hospital Medicine, I have the privilege of leading a group of more than 300 physicians, advanced practice providers, and administrators caring for patients in ten hospitals in Atlanta. Although my experience and expertise include clinical care, education, and mentorship, my leadership role requires detailed understanding of budgets and financial drivers in today’s healthcare environment. I collaborate closely with department and division administrators in making tough decisions to address financial challenges. I will bring this expertise and collaborative approach to the role as Treasurer of SGIM and would look forward to contributing in other ways to the Council and to SGIM. It would be incredible privilege to serve the organization in this role particularly during these challenging times.........See ballot website for additional candidate details.

        Council Candidates