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This document captures time commitments and demands of elected members of the Council. Please refer to the bylaws for offical duties and responsibilities.  

  1. TERM OF OFFICE: All officers serve a three-year term, as do council members. 
  1. THE PRESIDENT: The president is the chief executive officer of the society. The President presides over monthly council meetings, and monthly meeting of the executive committee, which is made up of the officers of the society.  In addition to the conference calls the President presides over 3 in person retreats annually in Spring (just prior to the annual meeting), December and June. With the council, the president approves editors of JGIM and FORUM, as well as appoints chairs of committees and task forces.

Other calls: The President also meets by phone weekly with the CEO and Deputy CEO, serves on the ACLGIM Executive Committee and attends calls as needed throughout the year with other allied organizational leadership such as American College of Physicians (ACP), Alliance of Academic Internal Medicine (AAIM), American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC), Family Medicine.  

  1. SECRETARY: The Secretary has oversight over the official communications of the Society; The Secretary assures that the minutes of all meetings of the Members and of the Council are recorded; assures that all notices of meetings in accordance with Bylaws are given.  The Secretary chairs the Awards committee providing such reports to the Council as requested.
    The Secretary is a member of the Executive Committee which meets by conference call monthly in addition to the regular monthly Council calls.  The Secretary generally serves as a liaison to one other standing committee. 
  1. TREASURER:  The Treasurer serves as the volunteer lead for fiscal issues of the Society, working with staff and the Finance Committee to ensure that the Council has the information it needs to make appropriate decisions on financial policies and to respond to issues that arise that may impact SGIM.  The Treasurer:  
    • Chairs Finance Committee and presents policy recommendations to Council on long and short term investment policies, review of financial operation issues and relevant to policies
    • Participates in the development and review of the operational budget, which is approved by the Executive Committee/Council.
    • Prepares and presents SGIM financial report at the annual SGIM business meeting. 
    • Secondary signer of checks and other legal documents for the organization.
  1. Council Meetings and Retreats: The Council meets face to face three times per year as follows) Two retreats that are 3 days 2 nights in duration that occur in June and December. The Council also meets during the annual meeting for three hours before the start of the meeting. Expenses for the retreats are covered by SGIM. However, expenses for the two meetings at the annual meeting are not covered by SGIM.

    Monthly Conference Calls: When not meeting in person, the Council meets monthly by conference call for 90 minutes the first Friday of every month.
  1. Executive Committee Meetings: The EC (made of all the officers) meets monthly for one hour by teleconference. Generally these calls are operational in nature and presided over by the President. 

Council Members and Officers: Serve as liaison to one or more standing committees and task forces. In this capacity, they are expected to join monthly committee conference calls, which are one hour in duration. An exception: the Treasurer serves as chair of the Finance Committee.  Regional Meetings: Council members are expected to attend their respective regional meetings and give a brief update on Council activities.