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Targeting Hot Spotters in Internal Medicine Resident Clinic - Twitter Journal Club

 , October 27, 2014

Twitter Journal Club 

Thursday, October 30, 2014 at 9.00 PM


You are invited to participate in a discussion on Twitter of a recent article published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine. We will use the medical education hashtag (#meded) for this event. Please follow these easy steps to join in.

  1. At the appointed date and time,
    1. Sign into Twitter
  2. Then go to
    1. Enter hashtag #MedEd
    2. When you click “Authorize App”, you will return to the tweetchat page.

Now you will be able to view all posts with the #meded hashtag as they appear in real-time. All of your posts during the chat will also be tagged with #meded so that you can contribute to the discussion. 

We will gather on Thursday October 30 at 9:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time) to discuss: 

Frontline Account: Targeting Hot Spotters in an Internal Medicine Residency Clinic

Melissa Dattalo , Stephanie Nothelle , Sean Tackett , Marc Larochelle , Fernanda Porto-Carreiro , Eunice Yu & Laura A. Hanyok. J Gen Intern Med 29(9):1305-7. (Available on Springer)

This paper describes a resident-initiated intervention to improve care for “hot spotters”, challenging and high-utilizing patients seen in residents’ primary care clinic. The intervention included home visits, improved provider continuity, training in motivational interviewing, multidisciplinary case conferences, and teamwork with nurse case managers. Patients were able to overcome barriers to care, and residents felt better able to provide care to complex patients.

Please join the authors, the JGIM editorial staff, and your colleagues around the world for a lively chat about this study and its implications for clinical practice and medical education.

Tabor Flickinger, MD, MPH
Deputy Web Editor, JGIM