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Digital Professionalism Toolkit

 , November 05, 2013

AAMC Publishes Digital Professionalism Toolkit

"Professionalism in Social Media" is a hot button issue in academic medicine.  While most experience faculty members may be comfortable with the norms of professional conduct in the physical world, they are often unsure of the landscape of social media.  Thus they are often reluctant to provide guidance to students in this area, or provide advice like, "Just don't use Facebook!"

The toolkit was designed to help faculty members lead discussions with students, residents and colleagues on what constitutes appropriate conduct in social media.  The toolkit includes several real-life examples of questionable conduct with accompanying facilitator notes and reference material.  The toolkit was presented at an interactive session at the 2013 AAMC annual meeting in Philadelphia.

You can access the toolkit by clicking here.  Two of the co-authors of the toolkit - Katherine Chretien and Neil Mehta are SGIM members.  Please share the link with colleagues.

Neil Mehta,
JGIM Web Editor.