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Editor's Commentary on Succession

 , June 07, 2020

Dr. Geoffrey Rubin takes his audience through a vivid journey through time as he reflects upon the parallel journeys of his father and grandfather who so too have been called to the practice of medicine. In short tercet and quatrain stanzas, the author guides his audience through generations of medicine – a history telling in poetic form – in the incredible imagery of hands brought to life in each carefully chosen word. Take a moment to appreciate the author’s stanzas, separated by form but inextricably connected to one another; this beautiful poetic choice is best appreciated in a second or third pass to capture in its fullest. However, it is worth the careful read, as he, like the fingers of folded hands, intentionally interlocks himself in this way to the experience of his father and grandfather. I promise you will want to read this piece again and again to savor just one more time Dr. Rubin’s exquisite attention to detail.


I wish to thank Dr. Rubin for permitting me to have reviewed his piece for submission; it was an honor and privilege to have read such a loving tribute to your father and to your grandfather, now of blessed memory. It is abundantly clear how much they have meant to your own personal journey into medicine. In the spirit of humanism in medicine, I hope that you never lose sight of their impact and influence on you as a physician. Take comfort in their forever presence within you whenever you notice your hands – those similar hands that have healed, and currently heal, across the generations in your family.

Herbert Rosenbaum