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Permission to Reproduce Material from JGIM
Springer is pleased to announce our partnership with Copyright Clearance Center to meet your licensing needs.
With Copyright Clearance Center’s Rightslink® service it’s faster and easier than ever before to secure permission from Springer journal titles to be republished in a secure intranet site, restricted internet site, CD-ROM/DVD, journal (print/online), book (hardcopy or electronic), coursepack, e-reserve, doctoral thesis, research project, magazine, newsletter, directory, newspaper, brochure/pamphlet, presentation, or photocopies/handouts.
Simply visit: and locate your desired content.

Go to the article’s abstract and click on “Permission and Reprints ” on the right to open the following page:
 1. Select the way you would like to reuse the content
 2. Create an account if you haven’t already
 3. Accept the terms and conditions and you’re done!

For questions about using the Rightslink service, please contact Customer Support via phone 877-622-5543 (toll free) or978-777-9929, or email
Springer Book Publishing
In addition to its journal partnership with SGIM, Springer is dedicated to becoming the preferred book publisher for SGIM members.  We offer 165 years of book publishing tradition in addition to an excellent reputation in the scientific world. Our goal in book publishing is to deliver educational and therapeutic content to the widest audience in the format that best suits the material.  We publish everything from hardback textbooks to paperback manuals, text-oriented references to lavishly illustrated atlases, conventional print books to electronic products or a combination of both media.  To contact an editor regarding book ideas, submitting a proposal or any questions you may have about the book publishing process, e-mail Janet Foltin, Associate Editor, Clinical Medicine.