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The SGIM Research Dataset Compendium is designed to assist investigators conducting research on existing datasets, with a particular emphasis on health services research, clinical epidemiology, and research on medical education.  The detailed information provided by the SGIM compendium distinguishes it from other web-based compendia, which typically provide lists of datasets but give little information about their strengths and weaknesses and the insights of experienced users about making best use of the data.

How to use this site:

This site is divided into six main sections.  Users are encouraged to browse the different sections of the site rather than focus only on one area.

Public datasets: Descriptions and expert evaluations of high-value datasets

Proprietary Datasets:  Collaborate with senior SGIM researchers using their proprietary datasets

User’s guide to working with secondary data: Tips for working with secondary data.  Additionally, contributors to the SGIM Research Dataset Compendium published an introductory guide to secondary dataset analysis in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, available for free download here.

Other dataset compendia, repositories, and resources:  Brief descriptions and links to other dataset compendia, data repositories, and miscellaneous resources.

Request a consultation:  Request a brief individualized consultation about a dataset with an expert user.  This service is available to SGIM members only.

About:  Acknowledgments and information about this compendium.


Feedback and suggestions for the site are strongly encouraged.  Please take the short survey below or contact a staff member.

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