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2017 Award Winners

Special Recognition Awards

The Elnora M. Rhodes SGIM Service Award recognizes a member for outstanding service to SGIM and its mission of promoting patient care, research, and education in primary care medicine.

Rhodes_Feldman_web.jpg Rhodes_Kravitz_web.jpg

Mitchell D. Feldman, MD, MPhil, FACP and Richard L. Kravitz, MD, MSPH

The Herbert W. Nickens Award recognizes a member for outstanding achievements in promoting minority health and minority representation in Medicine.


Marcella Nunez-Smith, MD, MHS

David R. Calkins Award - Health Policy Advocacy
Recognition of outstanding commitment to advocacy on behalf of SGIM.

Mark D. Schwartz, MD, FACP

The Best Published Research Paper of the Year Award recognizes a member for the best published research paper in 2016.


Victoria L. Tang, MD

Career Achievement Awards

The Robert J. Glaser Award recognizes a member for outstanding contributions to research, education, leadership and mentoring in generalism in medicine. 

Robert M. Centor, MD

The John M. Eisenberg Award recognizes a member for lifetime career achievement in research that has had national impact.


Joann G. Elmore, MD, MPH

The Career Achievement in Medical Education Award recognizes a member for lifetime contributions that have profoundly advanced, and had widespread impact, on the art and science of medicine and medical education. 

Daniel R. Wolpaw, MD

Individual Achievement Awards

The Fredrick L. Brancati Mentorship and Leadership Award recognizes a member for an outstanding junior faculty member who inspires trainees to pursue academic GIM. 


Margaret C. Lo, MD, FACP

The Outstanding Junior Investigator of the Year Award recognizes a member for career achievement in research.  


Yael Schenker, MD

The Mid-Career Research Mentorship Award recognizes a member for mentoring activities of general medicine investigators. 


Joseph S. Ross, MD, MHS

The Mid-Career Education Mentorship Award recognizes a member for mentoring activities of general medicine educators. 


Alda Maria R. Gonzaga, MD, MS

The ACLGIM Chief's Recognition Award recognizes a GIM Division Chief who most represents excellence in division leadership.


Deborah L. Burnet, MD, MA

The ACLGIM Leadership Award is awarded to new faculty appointees to recognize skills in leadership in areas of academic medicine, including clinical, educational, research or administrative efforts. 


Carrie A. Herzke, MD

Clinical Achievement Awards

The Quality and Practice Innovation Award recognizes an SGIM general internist and his/her organization for successfully developing and implementing innovative role model systems of practice improvement in ambulatory and/or inpatient clinical practice. 
GIM/Clinical Addiction Research & Education (CARE) Unit; Boston Medical Center; Boston University School of Medicine; Jeffrey Samet, Chief

Grant Awards

The Lawrence S. Linn Award provides funding to a young investigator for the study or improvement of quality of life for persons with AIDS or HIV infection.  


Dana D. Hines, PhD

The Founders Grant Award provides funding in support of a junior investigator who exhibits significant potential for a successful career. 


Melissa Y. Wei, MD, MPH, SM

ACLGIM UNLTD Program - Unified Leadership Training in Diversity (UNLTD)- Scholarships for underrepresented groups to attend a one-day leadership conference.


Kierstin C. Kennedy, MD, MSHA and Tanyka S. Sam, MD, MPH

The Mary O’Flaherty Horn Scholars in General Internal Medicine is a three-year career development award for outstanding junior medical school faculty in general internal medicine. This grant fosters a new career track for physicians centering on successful balance of career, family, and social responsibilities.


Abigail Lenhart, MD


If you have questions about the SGIM awards program, please contact Shana Donchatz at or 202.887.5150. 


Important Dates 

August 2017

Award nominations open

November 2017

Award nominations close


All award recipients are notified  

April 11-14, 2018

Award presentations and acknowledgements at the 2018 SGIM Annual Meeting

2017 Annual Meeting Presentation Awards

Annual meeting presentation awards are voted on and awarded at the SGIM Annual Meeting. Recipients for these awards are chosen based on their eligibility at the time of annual meeting submission, or based on their oral and poster presentation at the annual meeting. This year's Annual Meeting Presentation Award recipients are:

The Mack Lipkin, Sr. Associate Member Awards are presented to the three scientific presentations considered most outstanding by students, residents, and fellows. 

Anna Goldman, MD (Cambridge Health Alliance) “Early Impacts of the ACA on Out-of-Pocket and Insurance Premium Spending”

David Levine, MD, MA (Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School) “Hospital-Level Care at home for Acutely Ill Adults: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial”

Adam Markovitz, BS, MD/PhD Candidate (University of Michigan) “Incremental Effects of Antihypertensive Drugs: An Instrumental Variable Analysis of the SPRINT Trial”

The Milton W. Hamolsky Junior Faculty Awards are presented to the three scientific presentations considered most outstanding by junior faculty.  


Michael Basrnett, MD (Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health) “Emergency Physician Opioid Prescribing Patterns and Risk of Long-Term Use”

Melissa Wei, MD (University of Michigan) “Multimorbidity and Physical and Cognitive Function in Nationally-Representative US Adults: Performance of a New Multimorbidity-Weighted Index”

Renuka Tipirneni, MD (University of Michigan, Michigan Medicine) “The Impact of Michigan’s Medicaid Expansion on Low-Income Enrollees’ Functional Status, Ability to Work, and Employment: A Mixed Methods Study”

The Clinical Vignette Award recognizes a junior SGIM member or potential member whom presents the best clinical case. 

Kaylan Christopher, MD (New York Presbyterian – Columbia) “Don’t Always Follow Your Heart: A Caveat to Troponon-T”

The David E. Rogers Jr. Faculty Workshop Award recognizes an SGIM member and faculty at the instructor or assistant professor level for the most outstanding workshop at the SGIM Annual Meeting.  TBD

The Outstanding Quality/ Patient Safety Oral Presentation Award recognizes those who present the most outstanding oral abstract presentation related to quality assessment, gaps in quality care, medical errors, quality improvement or patient safety in the inpatient or outpatient setting at the SGIM national meeting.  

John Mafi, MD, MPH (David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA Department of Medicine) for the abstract titled, "Evaluation of Choosing Wisely TM Intervention to Reduce Low Value Preoperative Care for Patients Undergoing Cataract Surgery at a Safety Net Health System”

The Best Women's Health Scientific Abstract Oral Presentation Award recognizes the most highly rated Women's Health oral abstract presentations at the SGIM Annual Meeting. 

Best Women's Health Oral Abstract

Interpersonal Violence, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Age-Related Genitourinary Dysfunction in Women”. Carolyn Gibson, PhD, MPH (San Francisco VA Medical Center)

The Best Geriatrics Abstract Oral and Poster Presentation Awards recognizes the most highly rated Geriatrics oral abstract and poster presentations at the SGIM Annual Meeting. 

Best Geriatrics Oral Abstract

Timothy Anderson, MD (University of California, San Francisco) “Changes to Outpatient Hypertension and Diabetes Medications in Older Adults Following Unrelated Hospitalizations”

Best Geriatrics Poster Presentation

Maria Patanwala, BA (University of California, San Francisco) "Prevalence, Severity, and Factors Associated with Multi-dimensional Symptoms in Older Homeless Adults: Results from the HOPE HOME Study”

The Best Cancer Research Oral and Poster Presentation Award recognizes the most highly rated Cancer Research oral abstract and poster presentation at the SGIM Annual Meeting. 

Best Cancer Research Oral Abstract

Leland Hull, MD (Boston VAMC) “Screening Rates for Genetic Counseling Referral are LOW Among a National Sample of Women at Risk for a BRCA Mutation”

Best Cancer Research Poster Presentation 

Arjun Theertham, MD (Creighton University) “Incidence of Colorectal Carcinoma Following Lung or Heart Transplant – A Descriptive Study Using the UNOS Database