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Council Nominations

Call for SGIM Officers & Council Nominations

We need your help in identifying outstanding leaders for SGIM. SGIM’s leadership positions offer great opportunities to shape the future of our discipline. This year, we will elect four individuals: President-elect, Secretary-elect, and two Council members.

Candidates for President-elect or Secretary-elect should have the following attributes:

  • a strong track record of commitment and service to the Society
  • proven collaborative leadership skills;
  • the ability to integrate the SGIM’s diverse interests;
  • excellent communication skills (president);
  • dedication to advancing SGIM’s mission.

Candidates for the Council positions should be innovators and collaborators but also reliable. All candidates should be recognized as persons who are able to deliver on their commitments.

The Nominations Committee will review all nominations and develop a final slate of candidates. The membership will be asked to vote electronically by no later than March 12, 2018. Election results will be announced prior to our 2018 national meeting in Denver, Colorado.

Conflict of Interest

Any candidate asked to run for elected office will be asked to fill out a conflict of interest disclosure form based upon SGIM’s Conflict of Interest Policy.

SGIM’s future depends on dedicated, effective leaders who reflect the full scope of our members’ interests, activities, and backgrounds. Please give serious consideration to finding the strongest candidates for these positions. This is a terrific organization and serving in its leadership offers a fantastic, rewarding opportunity.

All nominations must be received by Friday, October 6, 2017 5:00pm EST.


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The president-elect serves one year as president-elect and advances to President, serving one year, and finally to Past President in a third year.  The President is the chief executive officer of the society and presides over monthly council meetings, bi-monthly Executive committee meetings, as well as three in person Council retreats.  Past presidents have estimated this positions requires anywhere from 10-20% time commitment.


The Secretary-Elect serves one year as Secretary-Elect and advances to the position of Secretary, then serves a two-year term. The Secretary is a member of the Executive Committee, has oversight over the official communications of the Society, assures that the minutes of all meetings of the Members and of the Council are recorded, and  assures that all notices of meetings in accordance with Bylaws are given. The Secretary chairs the Awards committee providing such reports to the Council as requested. 

Council Members

Council members serve a 3 year term, attend monthly Council conference calls, serve as a liaison to multiple committees and attend up to 3 in person Council meetings each year.