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Newly elected officers and council members

March 10, 2017

The SGIM Council congratulates the new officer and council members, and extends its sincere appreciation to all the candidates for their willingness to serve the Society.

2017 SGIM Nominations Committee Members: Marshall Chin (Chair), Tracie Collins, Thomas Gallagher, Amy Gottlieb, Michael Landry, Anuradha Paranjape, Mitchell Wong.

Newly Elected

 President -Elect 


Giselle Corbie-Smith

Giselle Corbie-Smith, MD, MSc

SGIM has always unequivocally put the care of our patients, particularly those most vulnerable, at the center of our teaching, research and policy efforts.  This unwavering commitment is what drew me to SGIM more than 20 years ago and why I have proudly served in a variety of capacities throughout my academic career. If elected to serve as President, I would be honored to work on the following initiatives:

  1. Promote SGIM and its core values: SGIM members have been at the forefront of advances in clinical care, education, research, policy, and advocacy.  As generalists, we have a unique opportunity  to provide local and national leadership at a time of unprecedented threats to access to care, health care for women and underserved communities, environmental and occupational health, access to educational opportunity,  and the integrity of science and medical research. Our focus on providing high quality, innovative, patient centered care, with our special focus on the underserved, and our integrity as an organization are key as we build coalitions with other organizations to advocate on health care and public health issues both here and abroad.

  2. Maintain and expand SGIM relevance in the professional lives of junior and senior members:  As our organization grows and takes on new initiatives, we must be intentional in ensuring all of the talent in SGIM is engaged. As we have seen in the innovation of the ProudToBeGIM initiative, we need to consider new ways of engaging those considering entering general internal medicine. In addition, we must apply that same innovation in supporting those who have made the choice to be generalist clinicians, educators and researchers at key career and life transition points through our local and national programming.  
  3. Draw on SGIM diversity to develop the next generation of change leaders:  To effectively guide our nation’s healthcare reform, we must draw on the strength of our members diverse backgrounds, interests and roles as clinicians, educators, researchers, primary care providers and hospitalists within the academic health center.  SGIM must continue to provide crucial career and leadership development opportunities at the local and national level, with the expansion to distance education and online platforms, that will ensure that our unique contributions as generalists and the voice of our patients remain in the center of the national discourse on healthcare reform.

 Newly elected Treasurer-Elect 


Newly Elected Council Members